Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Writing Here and Now

So I’ve not blogged in over a week, not something I wanted to let happen. If you have followed anything I have ever done then you know if I let things get away from me it can go on forever. Just ask the fans of Among the Dead, these people are some dedicated and patient people. They never really ask me to put out new episodes, they just wait. Then when I have made them wait for almost a year, they ask if I plan on making new ones, always in such a nice way. Sadly it seems that AtD might be dead as far as the podcast goes. There might be a book someday and then all the audio on a nice CD set with a booklet or scripts. Scripts would be shitty though, I stopped using scripts after the first, twenty episodes. Yeah…

Well lets get into what I have been doing other then blogging. In short, everything but writing. Like I said last time I would write about how I don’t write. Now if I say I haven’t written anything at all, it would be a lie, I have written a little on two books, one zombie and the other not and then started working on the idea of a non fiction book. Yeah, that last one is a little weird and we’ll see how that turns out. I’ve given myself less then five months to have the first two books written and then the non fiction on I’ve given myself two years. So yeah, I have done some writing, but not anywhere as much as I would like or I should.

I’ve been fishing and watching my nephews and my niece. These are about the same, can be fun at times and then annoying as hell others. Trust me the fun times out weigh the annoying. If not, then I wouldn’t do both and I wouldn’t love both either. The kids are just the coolest and the boys are five and they are so damn smart and just full of questions about life. I hope that no one ever shuts them up and they can just keep asking away.

I have also almost died a few times. One way would have been from sunburns. Yeah who knew you could die from them, but I almost did it. The other, I almost died from overdosing my self on my heart meds. Took them too close together and one thing led to another, I almost stopped my heart.

See, I haven’t written as much as I should have. In fact right now, I find myself not wanting to write anymore, I just want to sleep. I haven’t had rest yet. But one thing I am sure of is that I will not let the ext few times I am off work go in vain, I will be writing, on one of the three books and even this blog. I just feel like I have to admit that I have been letting myself slack. So here is for next time and maybe something better then a personal update.

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