Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Types of People and Neither One will Let Me Write

There are two types of people in this world, as a many adages go, but I have figured it out, there really are two types of people in this world.

Those of us that live in reality and those of us that live in imagination.

Let that sink in for a moment and you may understand it without having to read another word. And honestly, I don’t know if any truer words have ever come from my brain (not that I’m bragging or anything, I’m sure as will all things someone else has thought this already…). So I’ll brake this down, more so seeing that I was just going to tweet this and now I am making a blog post out of it.

See those of us who live in reality, as few as we are, see the world for what it truly is and understands our place in the world pretty much even if we feel lost at times. Sure we dream, have hopes and ambitions, but we understand that to see these things come to fruition that we must work hard for them.

Those of us who live in our imaginations, as few of us as it seems to be, see that the world works for us and us alone. Horrible things happen, to teach us a lesson, whether it happens directly to us or not. We think the world owes us something and that we don’t need to work for it to obtain it, if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. Sure we can say we have to work for things but we really think it will all work out in the end for us.

Getting where I am going with this?

The thing is people can’t say they fall between these two thoughts. The fact is, if you think you fall between both then you’re living in your own imagination. Why would that be? You are trying to make the world work for you, by saying you fall in the middle, so when the situation arises you can be on the right side.

Let’s look at this even closer. People who live in reality can not become people who live in imagination. Yet, people who live in imagination can become people who live in reality. We are all born into imagination and it requires the right mindset and events for us to move into reality. Reality can come at any age, you don’t have to be an adult to view the world this way. Understand age really has nothing to do with this, neither does maturity, even thought maturity can reflect on this a lot. An immature person can live in reality just as much as a mature person can live in imagination.

People in reality may even long to live in that imagination, but despite what they wont they can’t make it. That’s why I think a lot of people who live in reality use their imaginations a lot.

Gasp, imaginations being used by people who live in reality that, that, that’s just confusing for dumb people.

That may be, but most people who live in imagination don’t use theirs at all.

Gasp again, but how can that be if they live in their imaginations?

Well, they have wasted their imaginations on making up a world for themselves. When you view the world/life as reality then you’re not wasting your imagination on that vast scale, so you can make up stories and hold on to something that most of the world loses, imagination.

That’s why I think that most writers of fiction view the world in reality. We can spend all day daydreaming about zombies taking over the world, or dolphins growing legs and arms, then waging war on man kind. We understand reality sucks and that there is nothing we can do about it, so we make fake ones. Sure people like me, make those worlds all full of suck also, but it’s controlled suck. I think even thought we can see the suck in the world, we still find it a beautiful place.

Those who live in their imaginations, have no need to make up a world on paper (computer screens), they think they are the cure, whether they come out and say it or not. See living in your imagination my seem like you’re living in reality. I knew a guy who because things worked out for him a lot he lived in his imagination. To him it was reality, to everyone else it was just sad. There is another part of people who live in their imaginations that I haven’t come right out and said, it’s kind of a big thing and adds more to the confusion of things.

People living in their imaginations think everyone else(who doesn’t agree with you) is wrong.

Now this, isn’t a part of how to identify where you fall in this thing, no not at all. This is just to point out how close these two fields may seem to be. I mean I guess I could word it this way for people living in reality:

People living in reality knows everyone else is wrong.

But that in and of itself is a false statement. Even people who live in reality can still be wrong about things. So this is maybe where the thin line comes into play for some people. So I have come to point of saying it like this.

Reality = everyone else may be wrong because of something real.

Imagination= everyone else may be wrong because, just because.

Before I go on, I say both groups say everyone, because I think it’s human nature to harbor doubt to another person. It’s a survival tactic, you really can’t trust everyone.

Most people living in imagination use ‘just because’ as an answer to all disagreements. Even if they say they have things to back it up, most of the time it’s nothing real. Such as, it’s true because “I read it on such and such website” or “so and so told me.” It can be an outright lie, or just willful ignorance. It’s hard to say. Either way there is nothing real to back them up. (understand jokes do not count in this, both groups of people can tell jokes and a joke about hearing something from someone, doesn’t mean a person is one way or the other. Same goes for lies. Jokes and lies seem to have their own thin line, but that’s subject for another blog post).

Also before I end this thing I want to clear up a few things.

First, if I have made any correlation between intelligences and the lack there of with either fields, I didn’t mean to. I don’t think intelligences aids one way or the other. I think a very dumb person could view things as reality, while a very smart person views things in the imagination. In fact I say it happens this way more often then not. Lots of the intelligent people I know seem to think way to highly of themselves, on the level of super genius. Less intelligent people seem to know their limit a little more.

Second, I also do not mean that all intelligent people live in their imaginations. To clarify, if you know your own intellectual limit then you’re safe. Oh wait, a better way to put it is, a can’t be beat attitude is the attitude of someone living in their imagination.

Third, political stance has nothing to do with this either. Despite the fact that one side might have more of one then the other, I think that both sides have too many people living in their imaginations to say that either democrats or republicans are dependable.

So yeah, this is just something I was thinking about today while I was at work. Dealt with a lot of shit and heard a lot of it myself. I think my next blog post will be about how, I could write a book on how to avoid writing but it would never get written. Because all I have done is brain storm and let outside events force me not to write. So I hope this post made sense and doesn’t seem like a jumble of nonsense. I also hope it made you think, it's had me thinking all day.

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