Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Drive

There are a few reasons I hate working. One being that I don’t have time to write when the ideas strike me. Today I was stacking tons of Gatorade and organizing a really messing aisle and came up with an idea for a post apocalyptic story. Whether it be a short story or full novel, I don’t know. So I just noted the idea and went on working. Then the need hit me. The need to write. From that idea to other ideas I have been thinking about for a long time, I just wanted to type something out and sit locked to the keyboard hours on end locked in a battle of words and ideas.

See the thing is, if I don’t act on that feeling right away I miss out on so much. The main thing I miss out on is the drive. Let me elaborate about it. See if I can write when I get this feeling to write, then I get the drive. What the drive is when I can’t stop myself from writing. Now this can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. Two ways it works, either I wake and write or I write before I sleep. Either way, it’s fun as hell and it makes me crazy. Honestly I wish writing was that easy all the time.

I know a lot of people think writing is hard because of the lack of ideas. That’s just not that case for me. I don’t mean to brag but it’s not. I have tons of ideas, it’s just figuring out a way to make them work. I have an alien story in mind, it’s been there for about three months now. I have more zombie stories then I’d care to think about. I have a ghost story in mind and tons more stuff just locked away. I just haven’t had the drive. Not that I can’t write without the drive, it’s just more fun to write with the drive. I’m a man of quick results and when I am working with a speed much faster then my normal speed then I get results even quicker.

Also the drive helps with depression, better then Prozac did. Yes, the drive feels wonderful and though it keeps me up, when I sleep I feel rested. It’s truly the best.

Now that I know all of you are just wondering how the Gatorade went, it went well. I even got praise for it. I’m almost sure they have to praise me, but despite that I think it looked good when I was finished.

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