Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well it seems work gets right in the way of blogging and most other things. Like staying up, yeah I don’t get to stay up late anymore, I head to be around eight. Eight, I haven’t gone to bed at eight sense I well was eight. So there is a lot of things that I have wanted to blog about, but just haven’t had the time to do so. Also I don’t know if I can do at work stories or not. So for now I’ll just stick with what I am sure I can talk about.

So I was out the other day, just looking at food, when one of those weird human traffic jam things happen. You know, when the aisle is empty and then suddenly it’s filled up, traffic coming from both ends. Well I am trying to keep myself out of the way, sense I am just looking. I’m facing the shelf and behind me to my right is an older couple looking for something or other and they just can’t seem to find it. Behind me and to the left is a man looking at an assortment of thing. Seems to me that he is doing much like myself just looking. Then suddenly there is this guy, mid-forties or so comes racing down the aisle, darts between the guy to my left and myself. No he stops right behind me. Standing there making noses. So I move over a bit thinking I didn’t give him enough room to get through. He starts yelling-

“MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” At the older couple.

Now my back is to them, so I can’t see them all to clear. But I can see the older man just glare at this guy and then go back to looking for what ever it is they are looking for. So the yelling keeps going on. Until the guy to my left stops him and tells him that he is being rude. The rude guy then says in a slurred, man child voice.

“I’m retarded, I can’t help it.”

Thus people move out of his way as he races on through the store. So here is the thing, I don’t believe for one second that that man had any mental disorders other then being a moron. In fact this is behavior that I see a lot as of late (last year or so) when ever I go out. Now I have been around severely mentally challenged people before, ones who would act like that, but other people had put them up to it. The fact is they don’t seem to know they have a problem. But it seems that there is a new breed of suddenly retarded people cropping up every where.

By that I mean, I have seen these people out for years, they act like nothing is wrong. They talk normal, they are a bit of assholes. But for the most part they seem mentally fine. In fact I worked at a restaurant and some of them would come in, pissed about the price of the food and pissed they could not buy food with their food stamps. Again, not making fun of people who get food stamps, I understand the importance of this government service. Normal assholes, suddenly acting like they are shitting themselves challenged. Also, the wife and I was out eating when I saw the food stamp guy, he was shitting on himself.

Anyway, my point is I think most of these people watched the same 20/20 special, about how this guy pretended to have a mental illness from a work related injury and had it last for about two years or longer, I don’t recall. So my best guess is that they either want more movement money or they just want to be rude to people and get away with it.

Now I know some of you might be thinking, how can I be so cruel, people with mental illnesses can’t help it and I’m not a doctor who can tell if these people are truly ill or not. True statements, but I have to work with my gut on this one.

So to finish the story off, as I was leaving the store there also was mister rude, who walked to a car, cell phone in one hand, a bag in the other. Opened the door, pulled the seat forward, put the bags in the back seat, put the seat up right, got in and buckled up and then drove off. No other people with him.

So you could walk away from this and say that I was wrong, if you want to. But as far as a sudden outbreak of mental illness attacking only a select few people who happened to have been rude assholes to begin with, seems like fiction to me.

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  1. It's probably also people who believe they don't get enough attention. It makes me upset to know there are people who can make a mockery of people who are actually mentally handicapped like that.