Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Really Inconvenient Truth

Well it’s been too long since I last did a blog post. I’ve been busy as hell lately and haven’t had the time to really to any thing fun. Even when I am working I am working on other things, like solving global warming, or rather the melting icecaps. Yes I figured out how to end the melting icecaps while I was at work. Lets get started on this craziness.

Q. First who are the people that bitch about the icecaps the most?

A. Rich people, actors and Al Gore.

Q. What do all people on earth need in order to survive?

A. Water! Duh.

Q. How to most people drink water now?

A. From bottles!

Q. So, what do rich people who drink bottled water have to do with it?

A. They drink expensive bottled water and some of the most expensive bottled water is-- Glacier Water!!!

See all the rich people of the world drinking their, glacier water is shrinking the damn ice caps. So they come up with these crazy campaigns telling us, the poor and meddle class, it’s our fault. Yet they keep drinking their water and keep and the caps keep melting.

To fix the problem is to stop these rich sumbitches from drinking the damn water. To do that we have to stop making plastic and glass bottles, so rich people who want to drink glacier water have to find a damn glacier and lick it.

I’m just messing around ,and for the record, I am one of the people who thinks global warming is bullshit. I could really go into why I think it’s bullshit, but I don’t want to. I will how ever point out that there are other studies that show that it is. For years I believed it was due to global shifting. At least that’s what I said in high school and I still don’t know the real name for this theory. Trust me, I was happy to find other people who thought the same thing. It deals with the earth rotating very slowly end over end. It’s weird, but there is science behind it.

There is also the studies that show that the earth was always hotter then we know it and has been heating up since the last ice age ended. There have since then been a few mini-ice ages, as some people call them and that has helped keep us humans alive. So in theory, to help keep humans alive longer we need to be a bit further away from the sun or have another ice age… or a mini one, seeing that we are used to having it our way.

Thing is I fall between the two ways of thinking, because there is stronger evidence behind these two theories then there is for the current media driven one. Not that I really care either way, if it is due to people then we are too set in our ways to change. I can’t help but think that people only want to blame the human race for what ever it is, as a way of trying to keep hope that there might still be a way to prevent it. Because lets face it, we can’t stop nature, but we can stop people. So by making it human error we think we can still fix it.

So, yeah, I wasn’t really going to be going into a lot of this. I just wanted to type about something. I have lots of things I need to get back to doing. Writing, drawing, panting and working. As far as the next book I will be working on goes, I have the outline written out. I don’t know how I feel about the timeline or the ending, but these are factors I feel will fix themselves when I am writing the damn thing. I may think I know who the main character is now, but betting him to the page may show me something I didn’t see before. So long for now folks!

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