Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some old Junk

So now I have a job. Reason of me not working much over the last two years is stuff to do with a bad heart. No real point into getting into details, just I got sick of sitting around, I need to live a little. Also I am tried of being fat over the issue. I had lots so much weight before I found out I was sick. I was almost down to my weight I was when I was in high school. Which is something I have been seeing a lot lately, how small I was when I was in high school. That’s because I have been going through lots of old things. Ah, see what I did there, I just segued into the topic I have been wanting to talk about for days.

So many things I can go on about, laugh about and cry about. Stuff mostly from just a little over five years ago, but some over ten years. Like when I was trying to make comics for my friends when I started college, just like for shits and giggles. No one really liked this one.

Yeah, seems a little tasteless. I mean I used all two of my brain cells to think this sumbitch up. So yeah, lots of old pictures and lots of old ideas. Ideas, that oddly enough still linger in the back of my mind. Old letters and pomes, old letters and pomes that put pride into my ego. What I mean about that is that all the hard work I have done to educate myself after high school shows strongly. I mean there are things that I now have trouble reading, because all the misspelled words. I should scan some of it and upload it up here, but due to embracement and laziness I wont do so.

See after high school and sometime after dropping out of college is when I decided that I would go through with trying to achieve my secret dream, writing. Why I kept that dream secret I don’t really know, I guess fear of failure. So I increased my reading and started giving myself spelling words. Yeah, I gave myself spelling words and every three days a spelling test. This too I kept private, I think maybe my dad had woken up one night and saw me doing my test on the computer. He may have been the only person to know at the time. I’m sure before that they all thought I was on the computer all night looking at porn or something, nope just learning. To this day I am still working on my grammar and to keep in mind that grammar isn’t spelled grammor…

I think the message I want to leave behind after I die is, just work at it and you can go far. I don’t know if I will go far, but I have made a big step in learning that you can’t just not help yourself. There is no guarantee that the education your getting or are going to get (for my readers under the age of four) is much of an education. I wish I would have thought about teaching myself spelling while I was still in school. I wish I could have shoved it into the faces of the teachers that told me I lacked any ability to learn. Only thing is I feel they would want to take credit for pushing me to learn rather then excepting that I chose to learn because what I wanted out of life required that. Just like when I really focused on learning to read in the seventh grade, because I wanted more out of my video games, mainly Resident Evil. Tasty zombies.

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