Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's the End of the World and I Need Something...

Well this may be the last blog post I post. I’ve heard that the world is coming to an end on Saturday and well I have to be honest, I’m not prepared. I thought I would have had more time, now I sit with no money and two guns that need ammo. Yes, I need ammo. I have first aid kits, water, canned food and other such things, but no ammo. How could I have bought a new fishing reel, knowing that I would be calling on my marksmanship so soon?

Thing is, that crazy guy is right, the May 21 is the end. I know he is right because the CDC is getting us ready for zombies. Not that they think that zombies are really going to happen, they are just trying to get us ready for the end as well. There is an unspoken war going on right now, yes it’s real, Al Qaeda had dirty bombs set up by North Korea aimed at us, these dirty bombs will kill two-thirds the US populous.

I’m sorry to say on the 21st it will not be Jesus making his way through the clouds, but rather a disease ridden bomb aimed at your home town. Yet this isn’t the worst part, see the rest of the world is in on this as well. So to keep us from attacking back, China is deploying EMPs over all major cities of ours. This way we can’t launch nukes so easy and it’s also going to let this virus spread. Yes your car will not work and even if it did, the hospitals could not help you now. No power. With no power, people will riot. Bringing them out into the streets they will spared the virus much faster. At this point we will wish it was zombies we had to fight off, not living humans. Scared and sick living humans.

The thing is not all of our nuking will be put to an end by the EMPs. No, we can launch some still yet, but they will not hit their targets. Thus setting off a world war that will only last the matter of a few hours, as more nukes and other dirty bombs are dropped worldwide. At this point I am not above saying that all this mixture of viruses, bacteria and radiation will ultimately make a zombie like creature somewhere in the world. The good thing is we wouldn’t have to worry about nuclear winter, seeing that as of right now more and more scientists are disproving this old train of thought.

Now, if your lucky to be alive after the short war, there is another thing we may have to worry about. All this surface activity may cause the plates to shift and thus set off volcanoes and earthquakes. The last of the lucky will die during these events, because the earth will shift even more. The world will be pushed a few inches away from the sun, making it a colder place to live. The rotation will slow down, our days will have 32 hours in them rather then 24. This will be hard on those who are alive, as their mental state will start to slip. I think lots of people will kill themselves at this time. The world will only have a handful of people left on each of it’s landmasses.

The world as we know it, will no longer be. I’m sure in time humans will die out due to the high levels of radiation. Still I wish I had some Ammo. It sounds like it’s gonna be one hell of a show.

*You may be asking yourself how do I know all this for sure, I did the math: 2 + 2 = end of humanity.

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  1. I have no doubt that this is what will be happening starting tomorrow. I am just lucky I have someone who knows what is going on! Even if he did fail to get ammo to protect us.

    I'll be by your side until the end. I love you.